How to rename numbered files with padded versions?

I have a program that exports files with numbers, but it doesn't give them padding so they're always out of order in the list view. How can I keep the file names, but add a zero to all the one digit numbers?

So from "file 1.jpg" to "file 01.jpg"

I tried searching for this and came across some very old threads with scripts, but I know Directory Opus got new renaming features since then so I thought maybe there was a simpler way now.

One option is to use regex:

Parameters for the Advanced Renamer
Mode: Regular Expressions + Find And Replace
Old name: (\d)
New name: 0\1
Ignore extension: checked

This might rename a bit too much, so be careful.

Macro recorder is another one. Really depends on how many files you want to rename and how their names are structured.

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This works perfectly. Thanks!