How to resize the location/breadcrumbs buttons?

When working between programs I need to click in that field to copy/paste stuff. However the breadcrumbs buttons are kinda too small. Seems the =size field controls only the spacing/gaps, but there is no way to increase the font/button size of the elements? There is large/small option for the other menu buttons but somehow I can't find it for this field... There is also File Display Border font size to tune up in the Display / Colors and Fonts, but it does nothing about it...


^ Bump -- I just searched for "breadcrumbs location field font size" and this was the 1st hit --

it basically describes my desire as well -- I want to increase the font size in this 'address bar' --
and combing thru the Help - especially pp 438 - 444 , plus various attempts in both
Customize & Preferences -- as ryobg describes -- haven't led to a solution.

I do somewhat 'get it' re: the need to work with deep system settings :

*"The supplied sizes will be automatically scaled to compensate for your system DPI settings. *
If you want to disable DPI scaling for a size, specify it as a negative value."

However - any ideas to help ryobg & myself? thx

Font size for toolbar elements can be changed under Settings > Customize Toolbars, then selecting the toolbar ("File Display" in this case) on the left and changing the font on the right.

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:dizzy_face: .. seems simple enough - why didn't i catch that?

Thx Leo ! :wave:

Hey, thanks for bumping so we get an answer :+1: It really looks simple enough, but I spent at least half an hour looking up how to change it :man_facepalming:

Also, thanks Leo for answering :slight_smile: