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How to save a dual display as a default layout

I have been trying to save folder formats in opus but somehow, when i exit and return, it's not saved and therefore, here I am asking for your help!
I have a folder that each time i open it, i would like it to open in dual display with the first side in thumbnail mode, and the second side in details mode with the viewer pane. Is there a way to do this? please see attached image. Thank you for your help.

How are you opening the window or folder?

Hi Leo,
I click on the toolbar shortcut button.

If it's a button that runs something similar to this (using "C:\Program Files" as the example folder path):

Go "C:\Program Files"

The easiest thing to do is change it to this:

Go "C:\Program Files" VIEW=Thumbnails OPENINLEFT Go "C:\Program Files" VIEW=Details OPENINRIGHT=vert Set SOURCE=Left Set VIEWPANE=On

You could also use Styles or Layouts to avoid having the details in the button/command, but doing it this way keeps everything in one place and avoids cluttering up the Styles and Layouts you may use for other things.

Thank you SO very much! I really appreciate your help and quick response! One more question. Do I just copy that code and paste into my toolbar?

The top part of this guide ("raw commands") has step-by-step instructions:

Thank you!