How to save a specific sorting?

I'm having a dreadful issue with the sorting. Every time I open a folder, ie. D:\downloads it sorts after [b]Track[b] for some annoying reason.

Yes, there are MP3:s in that catalogue, but I still wish my sorting (according to Modify-date) to override this.

No matter if I choose Folder-options, pick 'Date/Time (modified)' and then choose "Save For this folder" (or for All folders) the same sorting after Track is done whenever I close the Opus-window and open that very folder again.

This is very annoying. Please help me to sort it out.

Hi Fisk - sounds like you've got content type detection enabled. It would override your other folder format changes. If this is how you'd like to have 'all' your music folders viewed then you were in the right general area... go to the Preferences->Folders->Folder Formats tab and expand the Content Type Formats category. Double-click or hit Edit for the 'Music' format choice and on the Display tab change the 'Sort by:' drop down to what you want.

Otherwise, on the Preferences->Folders->Options tab, you can deselect the Enable Folder Content Type detection option altogether... but then you won't see the 'Track number' column and other stuff at all in your music folders, so maybe you want that left enabled.