How to save "Description" and "set label" color?

I use dopus to manager files and dropbox to sync files between different PCs. Recently I found that files "description" seem can't be synced to another computer,which is shown as attached pics. So how to save or sync the file "description"s and "set label" colors ? Thanks !

In -> preferences -> file operations -> copy attributes, you have to set the second checkbox from the top, "copy metadata".
You also have to make sure that both drives use NTFS.

For folders:

Storing the descriptions in NTFS will work but only if DropBox syncs NTFS alternate data streams, which it may not (especially for folders).

Storing the descriptions in the Opus configuration would require synching of the configuration itself.

Turning on Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Use 'descript.ion' file comments system instead of NTFS comments is probably your best bet. Then the descriptions are stored in a "descript.ion" file which will be created in any folder that has files or folders with descriptions assigned to them. DropBox can then sync that file. But not that DropBox probably won't merge changes made to the file, so you may have problems if you make changes on multiple machines as one change may overwrite the other.

This also applies to descriptions applied to files, at least in general. For file types that provide a way to store descriptions within the files themselves (and where Opus is aware of it), the issue generally goes away, but most file types do not provide such a thing.

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