How to search for filenames containing #

I am trying to get Opus to scan all My Documents to show all filenames containing a "#" anywhere in the filename (NOT within the file itself). Then, I need to replace the "#" with some other character suchs as "_".

I canNOT get Opus to show me ONLY those filenames that contain "#" .

It will show me filenames that do NOT contain "#" as well as those that do. I can only surmise it is finding files that have a "#" somewhere in the actual file...which is NOT what I want.

I have tried all the search conventions I can think of (#, '#', "#", #, '#', "#") but NONE result in ONLY the filenames containing a # somewhere in the filename.

Is there a way?


If we're talking about the Find panel, the easiest way is to enter just # as the name to search for, turn off "wildcards" and "any word", and turn on "partial match":

If "wildcards" is on, the # character has special meaning and needs to have a ' (apostrophe / single quote) before it to match a literal #. So this would also do the same thing:

(Pattern Matching Syntax has more detail on wildcards.)