How to search within *.odt (Open Document Text) files?

What have I to do if I want to search within *.odt (Open Document Text) files?
I've marked "Search in zip-files" but no one *.odt file is found for my search - and there are some to find!

Temporarily renaming them to is probably the quickest.

Hello lxp - Thanks for your response. I'ts a tidy solution - for few. But really not for hundreds!

You would need an IFilter for searching .odt files.

There are some out there but I don't know how well they work or which is best, as it's not something I have needed myself. Googling for "odt ifilter" brings back some pages and threads which may be useful, and anything which Windows itself can use should also work with Opus.

Hello leo - thanks for your reply - but that's not what I would like to 'hear' ;-/
The search functionality is a very important feature. And from dopus I expect that it can search within the major file-types.
I don't want to buy another program to index my files.

IFilters are often provided free by the same people who make the document formats or editors for them. It makes sense for them to provide a way to extract the text from their documents, rather than every other piece of software having to have its own custom code to decode every format. They are the experts in their own formats, and the code only needs writing once, by them, if it's turned into an IFilter which everything else can use.

Have you looked for one and found they all cost money or is that just an assumption? (I do not know either way as I don't use OpenOffice and it hasn't come up recently if ever before. A quick search of this forum shows one previous mention which links to a free one but there may be better/newer ones if you search more relevant sites for OpenOffice add-ons.)

The first one I found was with costs. As soon I've more time I'll have a deeper look at IFilters and its application/integration.