How to see/copy ftp folders/files with special characters?

This probably has been answered but I couldn't find it. I'm trying to copy a 330 GB folder with 3014 folders inside of it but some files/folders contain characters unsupported by windows like <>?"
Also, the folders with a "." at the end of their name didn't copy. I was able to download 3008 of those folders and 318GB of 330GB of the files but I need all the files.

Another issue I'm having with another FTP server is many of the folders don't even show up. They seem to contain "፡". It's not the normal colon ":". They show up as name when I used wget on folders with that symbol in the past. It's weird because I'm able to use that character in a filename just fine.

Can you be more specific about which filenames fail? I've tried with the following names:


Everything seems to copy correctly for me except blah. which fails to copy the contents, as you said, and also the file called blah<>\foo.txt. But all the others seem fine - the invalid filename characters get converted automatically during the transfer.


The folders and files that contained special characters like the colon symbol were renamed after I mentioned the problem to the person running the server. They mentioned the naming scheme is UTF-16 and it's run on Linux when I asked. This applies to both parts of my question, the 3014 folders and the folders that were missing.

So basically, I don't have any more information to give :confused:

Although, I should mention WinSCP couldn't see the folders either.