How to select files by specific path in duplicate collection

This is a duplicate search result in my left file display. Now I want to select files only from J:\scan\ok path. How do I make the selection?
I have also tryed the advance selection mode but it's not working

"Full Path match J:\scan\ok" would literally only match J:\scan\ok and nothing in or below it.

Use wildcards and J:\scan\ok\*

I have try to use wildcards and J:\scan\ok* as you said but it's not working

You're missing the forward slash after the "k"


You're also now matching by Name not Full Path in the second screenshot.

Thank you Chuck and Leo
Now I understand the whole things and it's working now

parameter is 'Full Path' 'Match' J:\scan\ok\* check in Use wildcards

Happy New Year to All :heart_eyes: