How to Select & move the first 500 files in a folder?

Hey All...
Need advice..I have lots of jpg folders with over 5000 files in each and would like a simple way to move the first 500 to a numbered dir (0000-0500) and the next 500 to (0501-1000)...and so on. Can someone point me to a RegEx for this? Please help..

I don't know of a way RegEx can do this as RegEx is primarily for matching file names not counting files. However I can tell you the rather easy although unsophisticated way I do things like this. I'll create a temporary subfolder in the primary folder I want to process and after sorting the files the way I want, I just make a guess at the selecting the first 500. As long as I'm halfway close I'll move those to the subfolder and then do the same thing again until my subfolder has exactly 500 files (you can use the status bar to see how many files you have selected and/or in a folder). After that I'll burn those files to a disk (or move them or whatever I want to do with them) and then go back and grab the next 500 and do the same thing.

The only other way I know how to do this is with a script. I could write such a script however I've never bothered to since the easier method above works just fine for me.