How to set a different sort order for subfolders?

The first screenshot is ok, newest items on the top, reverse sorted by date. But why are all contents in the second screenshot upside down, inside those folders? I can't find a way to set a different sort order for the subfolder's contents. It was different in the old version.

I know i can reverse the content of the subfolder. But i would have to set it for hundreds of them, one by one. There must be an easier way. The main file path is L:\Drop02, so i tried to create L:\Drop02\* to modify all subfolders, but all settings where greyed out.



Hard to say without details. All we can see is two lists of filenames here.

Wildcard path formats exist for that. You can match all sub-folders with a single format.

I can't edit the wildcard format. It's all grey. The same, if i try to use *L:\Drop02*. I can change the sort column to 'name'.

Also, when i double click sorting fields in another wildcard window, the clicked items disappear. Look like a bug to me.

A may be wrong, but you have to use the checkbox on each tab to unlock their option. In your case the tab header is "Spalten".

At least this is the way I do it here :upside_down_face:

Thanks Micky. I found it now, and really got to get used to those new layouts. But unfortunately it still doesn't work, regardless whether i reverse the sort order or not. When i apply that wildcard, the folder (and yes, i am looking at the right folder) stays sorted by 'created'. Very stubborn.

Hover over the (i) icon in the status bar. It will tell you which format is being used.

And be sure to close the old window and test in a new one to avoid any cached/temporary formats confusing the issue, if it's not working how you expect.

Leo, i did that already. It comes from dual display tab #4 in the default lister, but i have no idea, what that exactly means in this case. It's not something, i have explicitely set, but since it's the fourth tab in the right hand tab group, i guess, it's just that, so far. It doesn't appear in the folder formats list, so i can't edit it.

Ok, i have solved this issue. It was indeed very hidden in the Standard (or Default) format setting at the very bottom of the list. Many of my settings are from ages ago. I guess, i must have set it sometime, and never bothered to look at it again. It must be higher in the hierarchy of folder formats, thus overriding all other settings. Thanks for your suggestions!

It means the format was saved into your Default Lister for that tab, and that's what's being used.

That probably means Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Default Lister / Ignore folder format of Default Lister has been turned off. If so, turn it on to simplify things.

Ok, i have checked that option now, in case i have other folders with similar special settings. I'm using tons of custom folder formats. Thanks!