How to set folder-column size for all folders on all drives?

Right now some folders have different columns than others.
I want a default panel setup for all folders on all drives.
Everytime a setup columns, they skip back when I re-enter the folder.
How do I set this up correctly?

uhmm....funny how folder columns settings are stored in tabbed groups.
I remade my tabbed groups and finally they reflect the default column setup.

You have probably already read the Folder Formats FAQ: [Folder Formats: Quick Guide) ? :wink:

In addition to what Christiaan suggested I'd like to add that part of the beauty of Opus is you can configure it to be pretty much the way you want. While I have other methods to change columns, I generally toggle from one column configuration to another by using styles. This works well for my needs because I do not touch the columns in any of my folder formats.

Now i did, thx :slight_smile:

In Preferences->Folders->Folder Formats I unchecked all default formats. I think it makes it easier to configure the lister i use for my needs. I just use 1 lister all the time anyway.

Some questions:
Why is the Folders Custom Default Format greyed out? But it has a check inside.

And when I also have Local Drives checked, which of the 2 will be used? The Local Drives default or the Custom default?

Only the checkbox is disabled, not the format itself. It's because you cannot turn that format off as it's the default for when no more specific format applies.

The Local Drives format, as it's the more specific of the two.