How to set the default file drag action in a dual lister config

I have a dual lister configuration and I was wondering how to set a default action (Move or Copy) for dragging file(s) from one lister to another.

I have noticed that if i drag from one folder to another folder on the same disk opus wants to MOVE the file whereas if I drag from a folder on one disk to a folder on another disk opus wants to COPY - is there away to set COPY as the default under both scenarios and use a qualifier to MOVE a file/folder?

Settings > File Types > All Files And Folders > Events:

Change the left mouse button drag & drop event to run "Copy MOVE" instead of "Copy MOVEWHENSAME"

Hi Leo. I've found the relevant help section in the manual now I know what i'm looking for.

According to the manual the changing to COPY MOVE will ALWAYS move the file. I quote from the manual (v12 beta) "Drag-and-drop + Shift: The MOVE argument causes the file to be always moved."

So, I've changed the Drag-and-drop to COPY only and this seems to works fine now.

By the way, Directory Opus' default copy versus move actions mimic the way Windows Explorer behaves. So, be careful, if you get in the habit of relying on copy being the default function and you happen to perform the same action outside of Opus (like in the Open or Save As dialogs or in Windows Explorer), it will Move when the same drive is both source and destination.

Personally, I just stick with the defaults. When I want to FORCE a particular action without worrying about whether source and destination are the same drive or not, I just remember:

[ol][li]If I want to MOVE something, I hold SHIFT before letting go of the mouse button. (If you SHIFT an item, you MOVE the item.)[/li]
[li]If I want to COPY something, I remind myself that the 'C' of CTRL matches with the 'C' of Copy. So, I hold CTRL before letting go of the mouse button.[/li][/ol]

I'm not trying to talk you out of using your method. I just want you to be aware of a possible bad habit that could cause problems in the future. The SHIFT and CTRL 'tricks' work in Windows Explorer, Directory Opus, the Open and Save As dialogs, and many other places. (Even in Word, many text editors, etc.)