How to setup pseudo locations

I had a hard drive crash and after restoring a number of drives have different letters. This has broken almost all of the things I had setup in DO. I think I saw where a name could be assigned to a path, like "mystuff" - "i:some_location" and then it could be accessed with %mystuff%, or something like that. Then if this were to happen again I would only need one change instead of dozens. Is this possible?

Using DO 12.16

I think what you want is Folder Aliases. Very useful.

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You know you can change the drive letters back to what they were previously?

(As long as you have admin rights you can see a list of drives here, unfortunately in work I can't see them).

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Thank you both for the replies. I will try both suggestions.

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Aliases are definitely the better option. I changed all my years ago and never have to worry about it since.