How to show 1 tree & maintain a 50% divider?

Hello All!

I just purchased Dopus and am trying to reconfigure it's menus and buttons so that the interface behavior makes functional sense to me (which it doesn't, out of the box).

Finally figured out how make a button to toggle the tree into just one panel at a time instead of both panels at once:

Set TREE=Toggle,Left

However, the divider between the dual listers moves around of its own accord when I do that.

How do I setup a button that toggles the tree into/out of the left lister and at the same time either doesn't move the panel divider or forces it to 50% (or some arbitrary value)?

Thanks in advance!

Well, I'm not sure there's anything you can do about it with toggle commands for the folder tree. It looks like Opus always tries to balance the left and right File displays so that they each take an equal share of the lister space...

Probably the easiest way to do this is to set up the lister how you want it, with the tree and two panes arranged to the proportions you desire, and then save that as a new Lister Style.

(You can save the current lister setup as a new style by right-clicking one of the style tabs on the toolbar called "Tabbar", then selecting Add Style.)

Now whenever you select that style it will give you the layout you want, with the proportions adjusted to match the size of the whole window.

If you don't want to have the Tabbar showing all the time then you can make a button which jumps to a given style with something like this:Prefs STYLE=50Tree(where 50Tree is the name of the style).

If you find the style is changing stuff you want left alone, like the view mode of the two folders, then you can edit it in Preferences / Layouts / Lister styles and uncheck the options you don't want it to change.

Woah! You can't make the dividers stay where you put them? That is weird! Every single other file manager I use allows you to do that, at least with the central divider and the tree panes.

I had already thought to use a Lister Style if there was no other way. I'll look into that now.

Doesn't seem be good design to have to pre-setup a lister style just to show a tree in a fixed panel width. Sort of putting the cart before the horse, don't you think?

Guess I'll have to post a suggestion for a toggle to turn off the squirmy panels. I really dislike display elements that move around without my input. Makes it unneccesarily difficult for the motor memory.

Thanks anyway.

OK, I have the Lister Style set up. The screen still squirms a bit if I click in the opposite panel after displaying the style, but now I get my tree on one side without nearly as much movement as before.

How do I return to the previous Style using the same button? Can I do something like:

If Style = 50Tree then Prefs STYLE = Previous Else Prefs Style = 50Tree

Thanks for your patience with newby questions.

I don't think you can toggle a style with a single button (at least without going crazy with env-vars and stuff) but you could make a three-button where right-clicking it activates one style and left-clicking it goes back to the other. That's what I'd do.

Well that works, thanks very much for the tip.

You lose the toggle checkmark in the menu and right-click isn't intuitive but can be learned. Now I need to set up styles for all the other panel layouts I might use just so I can turn my trees on and off properly.

Be much easier if the divider simply didn't move.

Also, I can't seem to find a divider position with the mouse that matches what DOpus thinks is 50%. There is no readout of percentages when dragging the divider and no position presets in the right-click menu for it either.

Whew! Who would have thought that something simple like divider position (you know: 100%, 50%, 25%, etc) wouldn't be accessible?

You can double-click the divider to reset it to the middle.

I think you're the first person to ever even mention wanting to explicitly set the divider(s) to a given percentage. :slight_smile: No reason it couldn't be added, I guess, although it's not up to me.

Thanks for your patience. I come from using several prominent dual-pane file managers over the years. They all at least have a function to reset to 50% and several have other percentages for quick views, etc.

None of them "squirm", either, unless you tell them to.

Well, we'll see. I've already spent my money so owe it to myself to give it a proportional effort. Have to say I'm a bit disappointed so far, though...

Anyway, thanks for your help. I'll try not to post again until I have explored further.

You'll find that GPSoft listen to people when they have reasonable ideas so there's no need to be disapointed. It's just that nobody thought of it or mentioned it before.

Can you really do condition checks, as per JohnFredC's coding sample?

If so, where is it documented?

No, not right now, in general. You can run batch files or scripts which have similar logic, of course, but there's no way for them to find out things from Opus except what it can pass to them on the command-line (selected files, folders, etc.).


Seems as if I ran into the same problem, which is very annoying. Every time I switch between Thumbnails View and List View, the pane divider (the one with the drive letters toolbar, see screenshot) gets moved just under the borders of my left and middle monitors, respectively, and I have to move the divider back manually in order not to be cut in half by the monitor borders.

Please don't tell me that there's nothing that can be done about the pane divider moving stubbornly back al the time when just switching views....?

Regards David.P

I'm not sure we're even talking about the same thing now as before in this half-decade old thread...

Changing view modes by itself should not move anything around.

Is that actually what you are doing, or are you changing between two different styles which include view-mode changes?

What are you actually clicking on to make the change, and what does it run?

I'm only clicking on the default buttons for Thumbnails (Set VIEW=Thumbnails) and Details (Set VIEW=Details), respectively. :confused:

Every time I do this, the pane divider moves (back to the middle, I suppose).

Simply changing view mode will not move anything around. You must be using the styles.

The ONLY thing I'm doing is clicking the above standard buttons. The same happens (the divider moves) if I use the menu (View->Thumbnails).

I am definitely not changing styles in this case. :frowning:

I can't duplicate this, and I've never heard of this, but then again I only have a single monitor system.

You might give us some more information, starting with the exact version of Opus you're using. Plus your version of Windows. Have you tried saving your configuration then importing another one (default if it's available) to see if it still happens?

If nothing else you may need to file an official support request with GPSoft (Help/GP Software on the web/Online Support).

I'm using Dopus on XP 32bit. I have just reverted to standard configuration, and it's still the same. Even if Dopus only covers one monitor.

It seems like there is a certain incremental distance that the divider will accept (and stay there) when switching views. If hovever the divider is set BETWEEN any two such increments, it will move back when switching views.

With the standard configuration, can you post three screenshots, showing 'before', 'after' and what you click to make the change?