How to show bit depth for audio files


I'm missing bit depth info on audio files, specially useful when working with wave files. This colum is listed for movies but when trying to use it for audio files nothing is displayed.

BTW, this info is displayed in explorer's properties.


The Bit Depth column shows bits per pixel.

I think you want the Bitrate column instead, which is under Music.

[quote="nudel"]The Bit Depth column shows bits per pixel.

Yes, but when comes to audio it should show bits per sample, should't it? Or at least that's exactly what I miss... :confused:

I see what you mean, yeah. There doesn't seem to be a column which displays the bits-per-sample (8-bit, 16-bit etc.) on its own.

You get the information as part of the generic Description column for some audio formats (inc. wav files) but since it's included with a bunch of other stuff you can't sort by it, which is what I expect you want to do.

(While you can't sort on it, I think you can could filter it using a regular expression if you want to, say, hide all 8-bit wav files.)

Well, the idea was to get this info at first glance like the other stuff ...
Yes, I think it could be possible to filter it like you said.

I would propose it as "feature wish" for next version... Should I post in that section?

BTW, thanks for such a fast answering!


I've moved the topic to the Feture Requests section for you, so no need to start a new thread.

You might still want to submit it via the support for on the GPSoftware site so it's added to their database and not overlooked.