How to show different icons for different bitrate mp3 files

There was nice and helpfull program MP3-Info Extension
that changed standard Winamp icon in windows explorer to its own-different icon for different bitrate mp3 file but it hasn't been developed since 2004. So I searched through Directory Opus Settings and found File Types->System File Types->MP3->Edit. But inside I can change only one icon that will be used for any mp3 file. Is there any way to show 128kbps icon for 128kbps mp3, 160 kbps icon for 160kbps mp3 etc. Or I missed Directory Opus plugin that already exists.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don't think so.

The system file types can be edited with DOpus, though it's still what's in the registry, the icons parameter is not a DOpus specific one.

yes, it is true...I've just installed Mp3Ext on Win7 x64 to check and found all icons including themes and templates on disk...and it is a registry thing like:

Template001 REG_SZ ./(?(TPE1:[^/]))?-(TIT2:[^/]).mp3
Template002 REG_SZ .
/(0?(TRCK:[0-9])|(TRCK:[1-9][0-9])) ?- (TIT2:[^/]).mp3
Template003 REG_SZ .
/(0?(TRCK:[0-9])|(TRCK:[1-9][0-9])) ?- .^0-9[^0-9].mp3
Template004 REG_SZ .
/(0?(TRCK:[0-9])|(TRCK:[1-9][0-9])) ?- .
**************************************(pasted it it somebody understands:)

It has to be done via a shell extension (i.e. a program), not just via registry settings or any of the standard filetype stuff that Opus lets you edit.

If you want to find or sort MP3s by bitrate then Opus can show the bitrate as a column, in infotips and in tiles mode as well as use it when searching. Displaying it in the actual icon requires installing a 3rd party tool like the one you mention.

Already found bitrate column and so I remembered Mp3Ext and thought that DOpus could do things beyond its scope :slight_smile: but thanks, DOpus is like a box of never know what new things you'll find next... :slight_smile:

Also found out that Mp3ext was the only tool. It is freeware(giftware) but not opensource. Author used C and put examples on Stuttgart ftp, but it was a long time ago and everything is deleted now...

thanks again for replies...

The source code for Mp3Ext is still available It was never deleted.