How to show leading zero and the total track number in the file display

I create a button for set The Track number with this code

SetAttr META track:03/14

When I click this button the track number is update only 3 the leading zero and the total track number does not show in the file display. How to show the track number like 03/14 in file display?
how to tell the button what is the total track number? because 14 is not always the total track number for every album?
I have Update the 02 with the other third party software and it's show the leading zero properly.

The Track column will always only show the first number in the tag, converted to a normal number.

If you want to see the raw text in the tags, scripting can do that (the metadata objects have a "text" variant that returns the text fields exactly as they are in the files, at least from what I remember), but there isn't a built-in column that works that way.

This is probably a .flac file. The command is ok and usually works with .mp3 files.

The total track number is not readily available; you would need to write a script.

I'd like to disagree :slight_smile:


Grab a copy of Mp3tag from Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...). It's designed to handle (even huge) audio collections and will save you a lot of manual work. It'll compute total track numbers and write it into .flac files.

Like so:


Yes all of this files is .flac, Thanks for your comment.

In that case I think Directory Opus Should to be Update for works with .flac also. I would like to request for this feature.
Yes I grab a copy of Mp3tag but I don't found the way how to mp3tag compute total track numbers for the flac files.
Dear lxp please tell me why your Track column show the 02/04 as your screen shot. Do you use any kinds of script for that?
If its shows because of your script, Then It would be very grateful for me If you share that script with us. Thanks

I am lazy and let Mp3tag do all the work :wink:

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Hi Leo as lxp said there is no problem in current track column. its can show the track number 03/17 in that format. All the problem is there is no command or code that support the .flac files.
SetAttr META track:03/14 this code does not support .flac files. so we need any update code for the support flac files too.

Thanks dear lxp you are so helpful.

I stand corrected. Definitely news to me, but I guess I never tag my files that way so I never saw it happen.

As for FLAC, the standard seems to be a separate TOTALTRACKS tag for storing the total number of tracks.