How to show location and thumbnails at same time?

I've executed a find for JPEGs across several file systems and now need to browse the images and determine their location to see if they need to be moved or deleted. Is there a way to configure a view that will show thumbnails and their location at the same time? My ideal would be to have the details view with a thumbnail in another column, although I would settle for thumbnails with the location listed below it (say, instead of the width and height) or even the tiles view with the location listed.

Is there a way to do this?

You can add the {path} field to the info tips for jpg files. Go to Settings--> filetypes and select jpg from the System File types, click edit --> info tips and add {path} to the list. Whenever you hover over a thumbnail the path location will appear in the infotip. Hope this helps.

If tiles are ok for you, you can achieve that even without the hovering. In options -> filetypes -> all files and folders (or the images file type group) you can chose edit & add the path in the
tiles tab.

blueroly: I've got about 132,000 images to go through so that won't work. Thanks anyway.

abr: I can't get that to work. I already tried that, and I did it again after reading your post, but I still see the same information after the tile. I went to Settings->File Types... then chose All Files, edited it, went to the Tiles Mode tab, cleared what was there and added {path}.

My tiles view didn't change. What step am I missing?

Try following: remove the path from the "all files and folders" (because you maybe rather want it for images only), & include it under your images entry in the file type groups section. Make sure, that the exact image file type extension is included in your list. If you choose the images group, you can see the list in the lower area. A click on "edit" will allow you to add some image file types, if necessary.

Then you maybe should look into your "jpg" system file types section. The tiles field should be empty, to avoid problems with overriding your tiles infos. Most likely you have this situation, that in some other place there are settings that will override those tiles settings you intend to use, in the file type groups. I recommend to make a quick backup before you experiment, so you can always return to the starting point.