How to start new lister for each new directory?

I'm new to DO - just purchased it on BitsDuJour yesterday - so perhaps this is a well-known item, but after reviewing the options dialog and searching the help file I did not manage to find the answer.
In general, when I want to open a new directory, I hit Windows+R to open the "run" window and then I type the directory (say, "c:\windows"). Right now, what that does is that it brings me to my currently open instance of DO, creates a new tab in the current lister for that directory, and then makes that tab the active tab. However, what I would like to happen instead is for a completely new instance of Directory Opus to open, with a lister for that directory. How can I set DO for this behavior?

I think you just want to turn off Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement: Open external folders in a new tab (although it should be off by default).

Thanks, that did it! Much appreciated