How to stop DO calculating size of Junctions


Is there a configuration setting somewhere that will stop DO from calculating the size of a Junction.

I really don't see the point in knowing the size of Junctions (form a disk management perspective) as these are only symbolic and the storage value returned will be reflected elsewhere (perhaps eve on another disk entirely).

I just want to use the file size calculation to see the physical file size under the specified folder structure and not the size of any soft linked content.

I've been round the forums and all of the DO settings I can find and haven't found anything yet. I expect there must be something for this as it seems a pretty obvious thing to want to do, but you never know.

I can't answer your question, but I can sympathize with the situation. I have one machine with a load of disks where I made extensive use of junctions to try to bring some order to it all. Unfortunately, I think I ended up being too smart for my own good in a couple cases. The Windows feature where you can have an entire partition live only as a junction on another drive can get really confusing if you don't remember exactly how it's all put together. The sizes of these junctions is unlikely to ever be particularly useful information, especially if there are further junctions buried below.

There's no "right" answer when it comes to junction sizes.

Are you trying to work out how much space the files use on disk now, or how much space they'll use if you copy them to a destination folder? Whichever convention we decide on will work for one of those situations and not the other.