How to Stop DO from Adding “- Shortcut” to Shortcut File Names

Hello, how do I delete "shortcut" text when i create a link folder?!


My current version is: DO 11.19 x64 Build 6005

Nuova Cartella|690x493

Preferences / File Operations / Options / Append " - Shortcut" when creating shortcuts

I dont have that option!

Preferences - Directory Opus|690x444

Apologies, that option is only in Opus 12.

ohhh i see. so could i do something else? i use the same version on my workstation that run Windows 7 and even i dont know why, i dont have this problem, but i dont know how i solved it...

Try following:

copy makeshortcut AS "{file|noterm}.lnk"

thank you for the tip! emmm could you explain me better? i didnt get your meaning thanks!

The best way would be to include it in your right click menu. In Opus, in the main menu, choose -> Settings -> File Types. Then choose "all files & folders". Then "edit" -> "context menu" (the tab).

Inside that menu you may already find some command named "shortcut", which would only consist of "Copy Makeshortcut". In that case, you could edit that command, replacing it with the command i have mentioned. Or otherwise you could make a completely new command, using the "New" button at the left bottom of the editor. Use the third menu item from the top, which gives you some edit box to insert that command. Don't forget to give a name to the new context menu item.

But, as i said, most probably you only have to modify the existing one. Click "OK", until you're back in normal mode. The new command should now work, as you wish.

Assuming that the text is being added by Windows, and if you don't mind it being disabled globally, there are apps that will enable/disable the shortcut text, among many other tweaks. I'm currently using one from here:

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Thank you for the help! I've tried to edit the comand like the screen but dont work proprely. Did i write it wrong???

ahhh damn dont work well. I installed winaereo but it can work only if i try to create a shortcut by windows. If i drag and drop a folder in DO it still create it with text "shortcut" :disappointed_relieved:

You're missing half the command from Abr's post above.

Still doesn't work

What happens instead? Is there an error message? Or does the wrong filename get created, or a link in a different place to what was expected?

Try renaming the context menu item to something that will stand out, in case there are two "Create Shortcut" items and you're using the old one instead of the new one.

If it still doesn't work, it's possible the command only works with Opus 12 and not 11. (I cannot easily check right now but I think it should work OK in 11.)

To clarify, that command you have added to the Context Menu will only affect what happens when you right-click a file and then choose the menu item you have added. It will not affect any other method of creating a shortcut (e.g. drag & drop with the right-mouse button and then select Create Shortcut, will not be affected; that runs a different thing; although you can edit that menu as well, it is independent).

It has to work with older versions, since my old post, i retrieved this code from, is from the year 2012.

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