How to stop dopusrt


By default when Dopus is installed, the following setting is not disabled:
Settings -> Preferences / Launching Opus / From the Desktop
This means that dopusrt is initially running. I have created an OCB which uses the OnInit script to check to see if there are any newer OCBs (updates) and runs dopusrt to restore the latest version.
The update cant run if dopusrt is already running, so I need to add something to my VBScript to check to see if dopusrt is running and stop it. Obviously this is only needed for the first restore because I will have "From the Desktop" disabled thereafter.

I could force stop the service with NET STOP but it seems to me that the cleaner way would be to change and apply the desktop preference to Disabled via my VBScript and let Dopus close it for me. This link suggests this is possible:

Could you advise please, on the best way to stop dopusrt using a VBScript command.

Why not? DOpusRT.exe won't prevent an .OCB config backup from being restored.

The only time it should matter is when updating Opus itself, not your configuration, and the installer takes care of that for you.

It isn't a service so that command won't do anything.

Hi Leo,

on further testing, there must be a difference between my OnInit script and command line. I've manually ran the dopusrt configuration restore command from the commandline and it works, even when Directory Opus Helper Application is running.
The confusion came from the fact that my script restores the OCB fine when the Helper isn't running. I will investigate it further.
It would still be useful to know a way to stop dopusrt running from a VBScript for future use.

You shouldn't need it, but the details are included here: