How to tell for sure Opus is not copying?

How do I tell for sure that Opus is done copying, without clicking through every lister?

It seems the copy operation progress bar, once it is minimized to a small icon above the statusbar in one lister, does not appear on all listers.

Due to this, I frequently find myself guessing, is Opus done copying or not? To make sure, I bring every single lister to the front, and look for the little copy-progress icon above the statusbar.

Is there some clear obvious indicator "All Copy operations Finished" or some such, so I can be sure that I can remove USB sticks etc.

BTW: Thanks for the awesome support and updates. I bought the Opus 12 update such a long time ago, and all these hundreds of updates have been free since then. So many things have been improved! My body and wallet are ready for Opus 13 :slight_smile:

The taskbar will also show a progress bar over the program icon, if you've lost track of all your different windows and need to know if a copy is still going on.

(If multiple operations are happening at once, Windows shows the progress bar for the operation which is least complete.)

And as a feature request. Can you add a new entry here:

"All copy/move jobs are done"

I often forget that the copy jobs are finished. A "ringing bell" :bell: would be very helpful.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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