How to trigger pop-up suggestions based on previous renames?

I was trying this new feature Directory Opus 13 - Highlights - Page 5 [Directory Opus Manual] and couldn't trigger it. Tried renaming by appending a word, then renaming another similarly named file without this word (or delete the word and try renaming again), but never seen a single helpful popup suggestion

Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Display popup help text (tooltips) settings is enabled

That option controls whether toolbar buttons show tooltips or not. The option for inline rename suggestions is Preferences / File Operations / Renaming Files / Automatic suggestion popups. You can press Ctrl+Space to trigger the suggestions even without that option turned on.

Thank you, maybe add a "tooltip" word there as well to make in-Opus search a bit easier?

They aren't tooltips, they're basically popup list controls.

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