How to use image viewer for videos

Hi folks!

I'm sure this is an easy question but I would love to use the image viewer for videos and not sure how to set it up. I don't mind if I can't flip through images and movies in a folder together in a single viewer window (I'm fine with one viewer for videos and one for images), but if I can do both in a single viewer that is exactly what I want.

I understand that this means I'd need an extra step (like open with) to actually 'play' a movie or something, but I'm fine with that.

I do have the movie viewer plugins enabled, but today when I click on a file it opens in VLC. So I'm not sure if I just need to select a different default application for video files or if there's something else I should do. Thanks!

To watch a movie in the viewer, use the Show command.

2024-02-20 - 15.59.08

If you prefer to open the movie with a double-click, make sure to add the file extension to the image file type group.

Flipping through movies like images may only be possible through scripting.

My videos open in viewer when I click on them. I have not changed any settings. If viewer is closed, they open in VLC.

Interesting - The current behaviour I see is that if I use the 'Show' command that does open a viewer window and play a video, however if I click another video it then opens VLC instead.

I'm not sure where to edit file type groups, it doesn't seem to be an option in preferences. Would that change how the file searching works as well (i.e. would movies then be included if I searched for images)? That's not ideal but I might go ahead anyway depending how the viewer behaviour is


If you reference the file type group, yes.

Yes, you can easily go back.

Thanks @lxp - I added mp4 to the image file group as a test and removed it from the movie file group, but the behaviour is the same. If I double click a file, it opens in VLC. If I use 'Show' to open a viewer, it opens a movie file, but then if I click or double click another movie, it closes the viewer and opens in VLC.