How to use mp3tag info to open folder in destination lister?


I would like to create a button/function that reads the artist tag of a selected mp3 file and then opens the music folder of that specific artist in the destination lister.

Any help would be apreciated.
Is this even possible?



I don´t think this is possible at the moment. You can show ID3 tags in Opus, even edit them, but you can´t use specific tags for further actions.

It could be done via a Rename script (which doesn't need to rename things :slight_smile:).

How do you want it to work, exactly?

What happens if the artist folder doesn't exist, for example?


assume that on the one hand there is a source lister that contains new mp3 files or complete albums - and on the other hand there is a destination lister that points to my music collection folders.

So this is what i'd like to do:

Select a music file in the source lister
-> click a button/context menu entry
-> "?black box?"
-> destination lister jumps to the belonging artist folder

->if there is no existing folder to that artist then beep (corresponding folder should be created (but right now this is not of high priority to me)

If you could tell me how to use the renaming tools to find a solution for the "black box" - I think i would be able to realise the second part on my own.

The folder structure of my music collection is:

- Artist
-- Albums


If it's to move the files to the right folder, would you rather the button did that instead of opening the folder?

Are the files downloaded to a folder on the same partition (drive letter) as the destination?

Hi leo,

for now, I just want the destination lister to point to the corresponding artist folder in my music collection.

moving the file(s) / creating folders will be done by hand - no need to implement it right now.

The files are not necessarily in a folder on the same partition

ok, thx i did it :slight_smile:

"Abusing" Rename Scripts to do other things with file info

@leo - could you please have a lock!

The script is working fine by my noob-standards :wink: but only if the artist name consists of one word :frowning:

[code]@script vbscript
Option Explicit

Function Rename_GetNewName(strFileName, strFilePath, fIsFolder, strOldName, ByRef strNewName)

Dim strInfoArray
Dim strCommand 

Dim Shell
Set Shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 

' The strNewName is given the mp3artist tag info
strInfoArray = strNewName

DOpus.OutputString "The artist is " & strInfoArray

    strCommand = "dopusrt /Cmd GO I:\metal\"& strInfoArray &" OPENINDEST"

Shell.Run strCommand,0,false 

' Set strNewName to an empty string so that Opus does not rename the file.
strNewName = ""

End Function [/code]

You just need to wrap quotes around the path for spaces to work, eg:

strCommand = "dopusrt /Cmd Go " & Chr(34) & "I:\metal\" & strInfoArray & Chr(34) & " OPENINDEST"

hi jon,

that did the trick,
thank you very much!!!



Looks good!

If you don't want to have the script getting in the way of your other rename presets then you can put the script itself into the button which runs it. (Check out the examples linked from the post to see how.)

(Sorry if you've already done that. Just thought I'd mention it in case you missed that little detail at the end of the post.)