How to use Opus viewer to view Outlook .msg?

i dont have putlook installed. How to view msg in opus ? I have read forum and apparently internal active x should do this but it dont

how to proceed ?

its a problem omn both win 7 32 and 64 bit and win 8.1 64 bit

i Use latest opus v 11



If a .msg preview handler is installed on your system, Opus will use it.

One comes with Outlook, but if you don't have that, another alternative is Quick View Plus. There may be others out there, but I don't know.

thanks but i thought opus was capable of viewing these msg files as active x aimed at such ie office applications ?

QVP is not free any alterantive ? that works ?


Opus can use ActiveX viewers and Preview Handlers, if they are installed.

A Preview Handler for MSG files comes with Outlook, and another comes with QVP. Those are the two I know of. There may be others out there, maybe even free ones, but I don't personally know. Since Outlook is the main (only?) program that produces MSG files, most people who need to view them already have a viewer for them which will work in Opus.

Try to follow..

  1. Go to the configuration tab(viewer plugin - Active X)

  2. Check on "Windows Mail HTML"
    2.1 Add .msg to the "Windows Mail HTML"(replace .msg handler "MS Office Outlook MAPI" to "Windows Mail HTML")

  3. Preview .msg file

  4. Go to the configuration tab again(viewer plugin - Active X)

  5. Check off "Windows Mail HTML"

  6. Add .msg to the "MS Office Outlook MAPI"(actually default setting)

In my case, finally I can preview .msg with Opus.

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Hi @all,

I would also like to use this solution, because the MSG preview in Dopus unfortunately doesn't work for me either.

But I don't have an entry named "MS Office Outlook MAPI" in my configuration options:

Thank you for any advice on this

I have now set it up like this, but it takes literally ONE MINUTE until the *.MSG preview appears in Dopus :frowning:

More information from the Registry at

Please advise

How long does it take in File Explorer, assuming it works there at all?

It should use the same viewer, and that'll tell you if the .msg viewer is the problem or something else.

Sorry for the late reply. Same problem in Windows Explorer (and **plorer).

Man how I wished that dreaded Microsoft file formats preview problem (Word, Outlook, IE...) could be fixed for good. Seems to be the only computer problem that I can't get rid of since like two decades.

BTW I never get mail notifications about forum replies. How can that be fixed? I don't find (or understand?) the forum notification settings.