How to use same configuration with two computers

Hi, I use DO on my desktop and laptop. On my desktop my user name is Owner; on my laptop it's Tom. Other than that the two computers are configured identically - same drive letters, same folder structure. I'd like to have the same configuration of DO on both, and if I change it on one be able to copy it over to the other, so they stay in sync. But since the user folders are different names I end up having to manually adjust a lot of the folder buttons I've set up in DO. Is there a way to have the same settings work on both computers?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Wherever possible, use built-in aliases instead of hard wired folder names in your buttons. For example...

Go /profile instead of Go C:\Users\Owner
Go /mydocuments instead of Go C:\Users\Owner\Documents

Regards, AB

If you have a button that the points to an external resource you can move the path to script config, or I have my script check the path and then ask the user if its missing

aussieboykie & wowbagger - Many thanks to both of you! I didn't know about aliases - much less the built-in aliases. That gave me everything I need for now. I haven't tackled learning scripting yet, it seems a bit daunting though also incredibly powerful. I really appreciate the help.

Aliases are an excellent method. But you can also use the old traditional environment variables. For example, the button command
Go %UserProfile%\Downloads
will go to C:\Users\Owner\Downloads on your desktop, and to C:\Users\Tom\Downloads on your laptop.

You can also add environment variables yourself (Rapid Environment Editor makes it very easy). For example, my family and I have five networked computers running DOpus. They all have the same directory structure (synced by GoodSync), except that on one of them (curse you, HP) I can't create any more drives other than C: Drive, so I have had to put all the data into C:@Data instead of the usual D: drive, and all the archive into C:@Archive instead of the usual Y: drive. I have then set two environment variables @Data and @Archive to be D and Y respectively on the other four computers, but to be C:@Data and C:@Archive on the HP, and written all the relevant paths on the buttons using these two environment variables so that no later editing is necessary after a DOpus restore.

The beaut new IfExists: test in DOpus11 has allowed some further simple tricks to overcome small differences amongst the five machines by using files whose filenames function merely as switches.