How to view PDF?

One of the most common file formats is that the PDF. I would greatly appreciate the steps in being able to view these files with OPUS 11. I am running Windows 10. Though I was once able to view, something during upgrades has apparently changed settings/etc/?

It's the same as in File Explorer: You just need to install a PDF viewer which includes a preview handler. e.g. Adobe Reader (Reader, NOT Acrobat), PDF-XChange, Sumatra (make sure you turn on the option in the installer; it's off by default), or one of several other options.

Thanks so much for the rapid reply. I have Adobe Reader as the default for PDF files but nothing shows up in the viewer preferences.

Go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, then select ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web and click Configure.

Is Adobe Reader listed in the Preview Handlers section at the top?

Check that it's enabled and has the PDF extension assigned to it.

If it's not there, or not working in File Explorer as well, then you probably need to reinstall Adobe Reader. PDF software is notorious for trashing the registry settings of other PDF software, so something else may have broken Adobe Reader, or removed its association as the PDF preview handler. (If it's in the list but doesn't have the extension, you can fix that in the plugin config window without reinstalling anything, but it would only fix it in Opus and not File Explorer, Outlook, and other things which use preview handlers.)

Again, thanks for the help. I found all the settings to be correct but not working so I uninstalled and then reinstalled Adobe..... after a bit of checking, I found it finally was working. Thanks again.

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