How to you save all your 'how to'-s?

Over years one may have a boatload of 'How to'-s : how set this, how to solve that, tips and tricks, settings and solutions, so to say. whatever.
Windows settings, Office, Opus, some are simple, other solutions may require a lot of steps/clicks.

I have printed Word documents, many (I mean many) screenshots of steps how to get this done, named after the topic, sometimes dozens of pieces of paper in box, and so on.

So far I have not found an easy way to organize it, except maybe spending time on adding and organizing all that into OneNote.
Easy: easy to add, easy to find.

I guess this is a common problem(?)
I just wonder: how do you save and organize your tips, tricks, solutions?
Maybe all that online in some manner?

Just curious...

you could use read the docs. maybe.

I'd probably just keep the Word documents and screenshots rather than print them and put them in a box.

no printing required. all online.

Sorry. My comment was intended for the original poster.

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I use OneNote.

and i missed that :wink:

i used to run tech blogs etc and share info but now just use text files for my reference. lazy nowadays.

indexable, local, info all the more important as memory seems to get more fragmented as the months tick by

Whilst it certainly is handy to have all available digitally, sometimes things are more easy to have them in a printout. Screenshots are named after the subject that they are about, subsequently stored in folders named after the filename, e.g. install and settings.
That is all relatively easy, usually multiple documents and relatively easy to organize.

However, organizing the 'tiny' solutions/the quick fixes/small notes, the one-line-solutions so to say, that is more complex.
As said, personally, after a while I end up with a box full of small pieces of paper with undated handwritten notes, about all kinds of matters. Not just computer stuff.

Well, I guess there is no alternative but to use something like OneNote for such things... :slightly_smiling_face:

I use AllMyNotes

Portable, 1800 Bit Encrypted Database, Global Search with instant results. Attach Documents/Images/etc to be stored in each Note. Password the entire database or individual Folders/Notes. Auto Save and Auto Backup. Even comes with a password generator and it's own recycling bin

Been using it for 10 years with zero problems.

Oh, wow. These are the people that made Agendus for Windows (and maintained Agendus for Palm). I loved that program.

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