Html editor as viewer in DOpus?

Would it be possible to integrate Kompozer (or a similar html editor) as a viewer for html files in DirOpus, so to have a html editor available directly in DirOpus?

I don't know of any WYSIWYG HTML editors with APIs that allow them to be embedded in other programs (except for Word, I guess, but the less said about editing HTML via Word the better, heh).

From a quick look at its website, Kompozer doesn't seem to have such an API. It looks like a standalone app.

Maybe there is one out there, though.

There are several good WYSIWYG HTML editor ActiveX components out there sold to developers (70 - 200 $), I think without having to pay royalties. This would be a chance for GPSoft to include a really cool feature into DOpus with minimal effort.

I'm not sure what you mean as a viewer for html files Peter. To me a viewer previews html files as they'll look on the web but it sounds like you're looking for a way to edit the html source code from within Opus.

If the latter is the case have you tried the source code viewer plug-in for Opus? I build all my html code in NoteTab Pro but I often make minor edits from within Opus via the SCV which by the way, supports html syntax highlighting.

Hi John, a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor for quick minor edits would do it in DOpus. For more complex editings it is better to use a custom program.

If you make a list of them I'll check them out to see how suitable they are for turning into plugins.

XStandard (Lite): XHTML Strict or 1.1, CSS support, free even for commercial use, used by giants like IBM, XEROX, SIEMENS, etc.:

Thanks! I've added it to my to-do list.

(It's a very long list so I don't know when I will look at it, but it's on the list.)

Is there any DOpus Plugin SDK, so I could look at it too?

The Plugin SDK is available on the GPSoftware download page.

Yes. The SDK can be downloaded from GPSoftware here:

My page has some additional plugin examples: