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Huge delay while bringing up the right-click menu

Hello there,

I use Win 7 x64 and DO x64 and I am experiencing quite strange behavior. When I right click on any file / folder it takes ages for the right-click menu to appear (like 2-3 minutes!). When it finally does, it works just fine and any operation(s) I call are performed smoothly.

Does anyone have any idea what can cause such problem? I apparently have no idea what to check to eliminate this problem...

Thanks for that - very useful!

Well, I believe that this might be Kaspersky Internet Security issue... I have some problems with ObjectDock, but they went away after removing it but DO still was experiencing lags with showing right-click menu. Suprisingly when I disabled KIS protection for a while, the right-click menu was a thunder! What I did is removing DO from Kaspersky's settings and then add it again with full access to everything (even though it had the same tights before). For now, it looks it helped. We'll see...