I cannot find Advanced rename

I must be missing some point: I cannot find the advanced rename. Clicking the rename button brings only the normal,rename. I have read the forum entry of Sep 22, 18. But it seems, it does nit work here.

Using W10 home 64bit
Thanks for any help

Check that Use Simple Rename has not been turned on in the menu attached to the Rename button:


I have the same problem as BRX.
I was checking out the variety of rename options, and managed to use Advanced Rename, but I must have inadvertently turned on Simple Rename, as you diagnosed for BRX.
you didn't say though how to turn it back off, and Ive tried everyting to no avail.

Just select the option again to toggle it back off.

let me update you.....
I see now what you have to do if you're "stuck" on Simple Rename, as I was.
First you access the Rename drop down menu, then click on the icon next to Simple Rename which will have been highlighted when you selected it. This will toggle it off and close the menu. Now you can operate as before.
I guess I wasn't expecting interactive menu items.

(Ive been with Dr Perry since my Amiga 1200 days, it's great to see how far he's come!)

:grinning: bingo! see my update, which crossed your reply.
thanks for the prompt response

You'll find Opus's menu items are remarkably interactive :slight_smile: