I cannot validate my license

So, I just installed Directory Opus 12, for which I have a licence for the Light version. I get greeted by a Window with the following error:

The installed Program Certificate has expired.

When I click Switch Version tab, nothing happens when I press the Switch to Light tab.

Help :slight_smile:


Purchased licences never expire, so you are probably trying to install an old, free extended-evaluation licence by mistake.

If you have lost your licence and no longer have the original email, you can get it again from here:


Hi, thanks for your reply, but at no point during installation it is asking me for the code.

I just get the expired error thing, see screenshot.

Click Install New Certificate on the left.

I bought my serial code via Humble Bundle, I do not own a certificate file.

You must own one as you just used the code from one to link your account. :slight_smile:

Use https://www.gpsoft.com.au/DScripts/lostcode.asp if you've lost the file. It will email a new copy to you.

:slight_smile: in fact. Whenever I try to paste the code, it gives the following error without even allow me to paste it.

Ok I managed, I was trying to paste my serial # as "Paste" rather than "Retrieve".

Thanks a lot for your help!