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I have only two important problem with opus


Hi my Friend

1 important problem : when set group by view in File Display then group by set to all folder view and dont set only set to current folder and folder option can set more option but cant fix like MS File Explorer. e.g
set Group by Date in Folder Download , opus set group by date in all directory but MS Explorer set group oly on Folder Download.

2 : When Select more mp3 file then Press Enter after it play every file separet in Music Player like AIMP or Windows Media Player and dont play all file in playlist

By ignoring these two problem , Opus its very very best from other File MGR



Please link your account.


i always use beta version and free


There isn't a free version of Opus beyond the 30-90 day evaluation licence.

Please come back when you've paid for the software you've been using for at least two years.


Ok my Friend
Thanks but in my country (IRAN) Everything is banned by U.S.A and its good until Dictator fall


Dopus is not a product of the U.S.A, its produced in friendly Australia :slight_smile:


I think zavf is claiming to come from Russia now anyway, based on the VPN/IP address of their latest sockpuppet accounts. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Dear Leo I From Iran and my country occupied by bad dictator , Khamenei

if i have enough money and i could pay then i buy this great file mgr . also i am delphi programmer and even understand some assembly code and work some time in ReverEnginner

in my country everything has banned or Sanctions by U.S.A by command trump and its good

Thanks Leo , I solved my problem by search in your forum


Well, at least you are polite. :slight_smile: But you still aren't entitled to our time for free in addition to using our work for free.

Today I got this from @hari3 / @neal / @raama3, another(?) pirate who keeps making sockpuppets and using VPNs, and is much less polite:

When you answer lots of someone's questions, but then find out they're using a pirate version and keep creating sockpuppet accounts to try and hide the fact, and stop giving them your time for free. :smiley:

The timing was certainly a strange coincidence, though.


Given the current lack of "free helicopter rides", the idea of offering a "free beta build" to the likes of him would certainly cross some minds.


Leo , Thanks
about me and global right in my country , in my country (IRAN) even in government office use cracked Windows / Photoshop / Office and ... and i accepted its not right but as i said my country for bad dictator(Khamenei , search wikipedia) has occupied like North Korea , Google in China

If I was in the first world(like U.S / Au / Japan / U.K), I would definitely buy your software because I'm not a pirate and I'm a programmer and I know programming is a tough task and time is up


Truly Leo , for use Telegram and Twitter some time use VPN because Social Network its Filter(Banned) at IRAN again by dictator(dictator)

Sometime you view my ip from iran and sometime (now) view my ip from japan




very thanks bro