I mucked things up

I just noticed that in the configuration dialog for file and folder labels, when I edit or just open any of the wildcard assignments and then save the change (or just press OK without doing anything), the color designationin the "Label" field in the preferences page changes to show the wildcard assignment rather than the assigned color designation. This only happens in one of my accounts, and I am pretty certain this happens because I simply copied the files colorgroups.oxc and foldercolors.oxc from another account in order to get the color assignments transferred. Is there a simple way to fix this?

As long as you copied both those files over, while Opus was not running, it should have worked fine.

Doing only one file or the other, or (perhaps) doing it while Opus was running, will mess things up because the two files won't agree on the color group IDs.

You could edit the config files by hand to try to correct them, but it would probably be easier to copy them both from the working machine.

Hmm, I think this wasn't me after all. Looks more like it's a bug. What I now did was, I blew away the Opus folders both in AppData\Local and in AppData\Roaming, and started with the default configuration that Opus provided. I went into the preferences and created a wildcard assignments using one of the standard colors Opus had defined there. Then I double-clicked on that assignment and closed it with OK. The same thing happened: instead of the color, the window listed the wildcard in the second field. In order to fix this I need to delete the assignment, and re-create it from scratch.

Is there anything else (in the registry, perhaps, or any other file location) that I am overlooking? I thought by doing what I did above, Opus should have started from a clean slate. Other than that, the only difference I can see is that the account that shows this issue is the built-in Admin account (which is not in Admin-approval mode, by the way, so it runs all of its tasks with full administrative privileges), whereas the other account that does not have this issue is a regular Standard User account.

One more piece of information - This is really a very mild issue: If I simply close the Preferences window (with "OK", so accepting and saving any changes) and re-open it after I get the incorrect display, then the wildcard assignments again all display correctly. I would conclude that the configuration files themselves are perfectly fine, it's just that the color field in the window sometimes lists nonsense, under certain conditions (only when logged in as the "super-admin"?).

I would still be curious if you can reproduce this, but otherwise this issue probably doesn't warrant investing a lot of time in.

I can't reproduce it. Does it happen on both your machines or just the one that had the manual config changes/wipe?

This is only one machine I was talking about here so far. But I just tried the same thing on my other laptop, and it behaves the same way. I should say that, while fiddling with the first machine, I once got Opus in a state where the window display would behave correctly a couple of times, but then the issue came back. I haven't been able to reproduce that, either. Maybe a race condition somewhere in the code or sumpin' like dat, hence the seemingly indeterministic behavior.

Like I said, this is purely cosmetic it seems, so if you can't reproduce it, then I'll just file it under "strange things that happen on my computers but nobody else's"... :wink: