I prefer details not images

First, apologies if this is either simple or stupid.
Since upgrading to V8.0 when I open a folder containing bmp or jpeg images, the images are shewn in a "thumbnail" whereas previously the file was shewn listed as xxxxx.jpeg or xxxxx.bmp. Initially I found that clicking on the Commander Style Toolbar reverted the new to the old listing. However I accidentally deleted this tab and now am stuck.
How do I get back to showing detail lists rather than images??

Many thanks

George Aldridge

If you go to PREFERENCES/FOLDERS/CONTENT TYPE FORMATS then untick IMAGES it should stop the automatic viewing of images as thumbnails. If you want to change the settings so it only switches to thumbnails when nearly all of the files in the active lister are images, edit the above and on the OPTIONS tab raise the content threshold to a percentage value you want.

Alternately you can set up certain folders to always display images in thumbnail mode (if you happen to want that) by creating some custom FOLDER FORMATS in the same preferences section (just above the CONTENT TYPE FORMATS).

You can also enable/disable thumbnail mode with a lister style, so there's several ways you can customize DOpus to do what you want.


Thanks John - all is now as I like it



Having found your answer I didn't have to feel stupid by posting the same question and having someone tell me it had already been answered.
This is the best file manager I have ever used and I go back to DOS 1.1, but sometimes its myriad choices are a bit much.

Ira Solomon :smiley: