I want to create simple toggle button Any help?

I want to create a button that toggle between "Checked status" and "no status"
I mean when click on it if there is no status to that file it adds Check status label to it.
and if there is already a Checked status label on item it clears it.
I struggle but It's wrong script:
@if SETLABEL=Checked
properties ADDLABEL SETLABEL=reset
@if SETLABEL=reset
properties ADDLABEL SETLABEL=Checked

could you please help me , Thanks .

This will toggle the Checked label on the selected items:


To make it like the built-in menus, you might also want to add the Status column if it isn't there already. This will toggle the Checked label and add the Status column next to the Name column when it's missing:

Set COLUMNSADD=Status(!1+Name)

Thank you leo.
you saved my life :heart: