I would like to see a Synchronise option for file name only

Would it be possible to add in an option for Synchronise to only look for file names? with or without extensions? At the moment you can choose size, date or byte. For example it would be handy if DO could consider PacMan.zip and PacMan.jpg the same, this way it would be easy for example to delete screenshots for games that you do not need. I hope I am making sense!

Makes sense, but isn't currently possible.

But it is possible to set up a Tools > Find Files filter which would search for all e.g. *.jpg in folders where the same *.zip does not exist. That would let you find and clean up any orphaned files afterwards.

I think there was already a thread about something similar from a few years ago but I can't find it now. If you want to do that and need the details, let me know and I'll write them up again. The main part is a simple script column that would add a Yes/No column (or similar) for the *.jpg (etc.) files which is "Yes" when there's a file with the same name and .Zip extension and "No" otherwise. Then you just search for files where that column is "No" to get the list of orphans.

Thanks for the reply Leo, if you have the time and don't mind I would sure appreciate you writing up a quick method for doing this, I am quite new to DO (at least the modern Windows version, I used it for years on the Amiga) so any help would be great, thanks so much Leo.

Hi, I am doing the same thing when I clean up my game collections so for DELETING the following steps work. See this:

#1 File Names are identical but extensions are different (x.zip and x.jpg). You have cleaned up all the ZIPs in source, but now want to delete the JPGs in destination. Use "Edit - Select Other - Select Source All to Destination (Ignore Extension)". This will select all the JPGs you need. You can then either copy these whereever you want them OR do "Edit - Invert Selection" and then delete the JPGs you do not need anymore.

#2 I had the special case where I had "x.zip" and then "x-thumb.jpg". For this the friendly folks here wrote a script that would select exactly all files that are not represented as a "stem" in the other, The final script that works fantastically is here: Select files in Destination that START with the filenames in Source - #10 by lxp Scroll up there to see my request and how it works. Thanks again, @lxp

Thank you so much for that docbobo, I will be giving that a go later, greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I just tried your 1st method docbobo and it worked an absolute treat, thanks so much for sharing this, it was exactly what I was wanting to do. DO is such a great bit of software so powerful.

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