ICloud and DOpus

Recently acquired an iPad and installed iCloud for Windows. I can see the iCloud drive in Windows File Explorer but not in Opus. Any suggestions?

Haven't heard anything back on this which is quite unusual.

It's possible no one knows. I don't use iCloud myself and have not had a chance to install it on something to see how it works.

I'm getting into using iCloud now myself. I'll mess with it and post back if I find anything helpful.

So I set the 'download new photos and videos to my PC' to a specific folder and boom.

(This post is fairly old, but I don't see a solution...) Because I just bought an iPad and had the same desire to setup DO with a link, here is how I solved it. To set up a link in Directory Opus, I created a New Button on the Drives toolbar (right click on open area of toolbar - New - New Button). Right click on New Button default icon, select Customize - Edit. In the Command Editor - Directory Opus go to the Label box and type in something like iCloud. In the Function box type this command: Go "C:\Users\YourName\iCloud Drive" where YourName is the name in the Users folder (e.g., Jim, Donald, Bonnie etc.). Note the spaces in the command. That should work. Now I am still searching for a cool iCloud icon...