ICO, PNG files are not view


ICO and PNG files are not view in DOpus viewer (version, other files (JPG, GIF) is fine. I come back to version and all is in order, DOpus show ICO and PNG files. Some suggestions?


No idea, except that I can view ICO and PNG files as expected, using DOpus

Same here, I can see .ico and .png images in the viewer fine with the current version.

Same here... although, in the stand alone viewer I can't seem to cycle through next and previous images. The space bar, backspace, page up/down buttons don't do anything and the File menu options for next and previous pictures are greyed out. PNG files are ok though...

Are you seeing your problem with the stand alone viewer or the viewer 'pane' or both?

Check Preferences - Viewer (Standalone)- Generate Next/Previous list automatically on double-click

I uninstalled version, deleted all Opus files (in directory) and installed All is already in order now, I can see .ico and .png images in the viewer fine. I thank for help :slight_smile: