Icon changes revert to default

I modify the icons for some of my folders for easier access in the Favorites list. From time to time some of the icons revert to default. Not sure of the when and the how, but it happens every other week or so. Mostly non system standard icons, ones I have saved in a folder.


How are you changing them? If it's via the standard Properties dialog then you're presumably also seeing the same thing in File Explorer, in which case Opus isn't really involved here. Something is probably clearing the R (read-only) attribute on the folders, which is what Windows (ab)uses to specify the folders are customized in some way.

Outside of Opus-specific things (e.g. using labels to change folder icons), folder icons come from Windows and are changed via the Properties dialog, which is a Windows thing as well.

OTOH, if you're using labels, something may be wiping the ADS metadata on the folders.

I change the folder icon using the properties window, right clicking within DOpus. I hardly every open File Explorer.

I've already changed the icons back via properties right click in DOpus. Interesting thing, when I went to make the change my preferred icon was visible in the properties window, but not in the DOpus left pane. I had to reselect the icon for it to take.

IAC, next time this happens I will open File Explorer and see what things look like there.

The Properties dialog is part of Windows. Opus just provides a menu item to open it. So whatever is happening is probably not related to Opus itself (unless some action within Opus is causing the problem; e.g. if you used the Set Attributes dialog in Opus to clear the R attribute from the folder, then the icon would stop working).