Icon drag opacity weirdness

Hi, there seems to be an issue with the Drag Image Opacity option in DOpus 12. No matter what I set, icons seem to be very non-opaque when dragged, as if it is ignoring the setting. It is not completely ignoring the setting however, as low levels will make the icon almost completely transparent - as expected. (And settings greater than 100% can be entered and saved, which is a bug I'm sure.)

Furthermore, there is a difference between opacity when different thumbnail sizes are used. To reproduce, set Drag Image Opacity to 5%, set thumbnail size to 64x64. Dragged icons will be very transparent, as expected. Set thumbnail size to 128x128 or larger, and the dragged icons will be completely transparent and invisible.

Am I doing something wrong, maybe some other option is overriding opacity?

'Use visual styles to draw items' is off.

Windows itself makes drag images translucent. The Opus setting is in addition to that. In other words, you can make them more translucent, but not more opaque. This is a limitation of Windows and not a bug in Opus.