Icon set performance question

Is their a performance hit for using iconsets with individual icons in hundreds of png files vs the iconset with a single icongrid file?
I see that the icongrids are generated in the AppData\Local\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Icon Cache

It’ll be a bit slower the first time the set is loaded, or after a DPI change, but otherwise it’s the same.

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Thanks for the clarity Leo, appreciate ya.

That's depending on the amount of icons. People may have not only one set, so if you have 1000+ icons (easily more on different sizes) you will have lots more traffic than with maybe 3 set-files. Also backuping config will take longer with lots of small files (just copy an iso/archive with thousands of small files within, and then copy the files within directly - the difference will be huge).

Not to mention esp. on startup there are enough other things to be loaded.

I think the question was about whether it matters if a single icon set .dis file contains, within the archive, lots of individual icons or has them combined into one or two grids.

That'll only matter the first time the set is loaded (or after a DPI change where it has to be re-scaled, or if the icon set is modified). Opus will automatically (if needed) scale the icons and convert them into a grid in the Icon Cache folder for faster loading.

So using whichever format is most convenient generally makes sense, although an image grid will be slightly faster when loading the icon set for the first time.

Backups etc. won't matter here as it's still just a single .dis file on disk to backup.

Of course, if the icon set is not bundled into a .dis zip archive then things are slightly different, but it only makes sense to have all the individual files on disk while it's being worked on. Once it's finished and ready for distribution, it should be zipped up into a .dis file.

Overseen that the files are in single zip.

Edit: But even the files in zip needs to be single-loaded to be displayed. So extracting the files or loading single saved icons will take longer than loading one file and rest is done by cpu/gpu (of course not when just copying the archive itself, because the files in it will not be touched).

The files are only extracted the first time the icon set is used. After that, the zip isn't even opened (if the size and date match the cached version); the images are instead loaded from the cached grid which Opus generates automatically.

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