Icons disappear in Directory Opus

Dear Sir,

Some folder icons disappear using Directory Opus. However, if I choose the option "Open in Explorer", they are back again...

If I try and personalize the icons from Directory Opus, it does not let me do so and the default folder icon, within this option seems to have disappeared and is in grey...not letting me use it in any way.

Await your comments.

Thanks for your help

Are you using a cloud backup tool? Some of them seem to have problems with their shell extensions going wrong and returning blank folder icons in Opus.

For changing the default folder icon, see Change the default folder icon in Opus.

Dear Sir,

Yes I am using Sugar Sync. Please suggest what I should do...
Am also using SafeGuard Easy (Sophos) to encrypt my laptop



Please try using ShellExView, sort its list by Type, then scroll down to the Icon Handler and Icon Overlay Handler entries. If any of them are part of Sugar Sync, right-click them and tell ShellExView to disable them.

Then, fully exit Opus (e.g. via File -> Exit Directory Opus; closing all the windows is not enough) and re-launch Opus to see if the problem is still there.

(If that doesn't help, you can re-enable them later in the same way.)

Hi, I wanted to reply to this since the OP has neglected to do so. Your suggestion about using ShellExView worked like a charm. GoogleDrive was causing my icon issue. Thanks!!

If you're on Opus 12 the disappearing icons should no longer happen as well, as we added a workaround for the problems caused by shell extensions and Windows reacting to each other when they run out of icon overlays.