Icons only for Favorites List?

Is it possible to show folder icons only in the Favorites List instead of the folder text name? I have Favorites List shown on my toolbar but it takes a lot of real estate on my small laptop screen. I have customized folder icons for my favorites and I would like to show those instead of the names.

I don't 'think' you can show only an icon... but you should be able to at least rename each of the favorites to something inocuous like a 'space' character... then just make sure to run the Favorites command with the SHOWICONS argument, and you should get close to the effect you're looking for.

I need a bit more hand holding please. I added the favorites list from Settings-Customize and added "Favorites List" from the Go commands. I don't see any options to show the folder icons. Where do I find that? What do you mean when you say "run the Favorites command"?

This is what it looks like now:


Hold Alt and click on the favourites list. (Or, when already in Customize mode, right-click the favourites list and select Edit.)

You'll now be in the command editor where you can add the SHOWICONS argument to the Favourites command:

IMO if you turn off the Show Label option then Opus should remove the labels, but for the Favourites command it seems a special case where the labels are always added. I've just filed a feature request for that special case to be removed. (It would have made sense before the SHOWICONS option was added and I guess nobody thought about it since then.)

Thank you very much. I've got it now. There seems to be a lot of hidden power in this programs.

Also, on second look it seems like he may have dragged Favorites Menu (Dual Display) to the toolbar and maybe NOT 'Favorites List'... at least from the toolbar button that is highlighted. If so, edbro9... you'll need to first drop down that favorites menu button on your toolbar, then hold the alt button while you click on one of the actual favorites in the menu. The 'Function' that you see should then be Favorites OPENINDUAL that you want to edit to become Favorites OPENINDUAL SHOWICONS. Otherwise, you'll be seeing the function for the menu button... 'Set DUAL=Toggle'.

No, I'm talking about the favorites list right above the button that is highlighted. Now it has icons :smiley:

oh... was looking at the wrong thing. Sry... you can shorten the favorite names also to save more toolbar real-estate.