I was messing arround with my Windows xp icons the last days and allways wonderd myself why my harddrive icon did not change, then per accident i found out that the windows explorer displayed my custom icon. So now i am wondering myself! Does opus read the icon path from somewhere else then the windows shell and if yes from where? And is there a way to change the icon for dopus too!? :slight_smile:

Thanks Littlex!

How exactly are you changing the hard drive icon?

Opus gets its icons from the system (by simply saying : tell me which icon to use for this file/folder). We have found that some programs which let you change folder icons (like StyleXP) don't work with Opus - they seem to be hard coded to only work with Explorer.

However, changes made to folder icons through the system-provided method (Properties->Customize this folder) work fine in Opus. Unfortunately this option does not seem to be available for hard drives.

I tried a buch of different programms but found out that most of em just are editing/(or adding if they are not existent) some registry entries under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons".

As sample make a new REG_SZ entrie, give it the name 9 , this stands for harddrive icon, and now enter as value a path to an icon or an icl file "C:\somepath\file.icl,24". The number after the coma specifies which icon do you wish to use in the icl file. Rebuild your icon cache with you favorite programm, i use tweakui for that.

Now if i check my explorer it shows the new icon but dopus still uses the default one :frowning:.

About the folder change method, yea i know that one but you just change the actual picked folder and i want to change it system wide for evrey folder, anyway i did not tried to change my folder icon yet just the harddrive and cdrom icon.

good to know

Hey Jon is there a way to get the icons to work?