Idea: enhanced "search while typing"

Hi! In Dopus 9 the Firefox style search is already very good, but it will only find a matching for the begin of a file, why not extend the search function to the whole filename?

For example:

"gam" could find "games" in a lister while now it cannot find expressions like "newgame" or "old DOS games". That would be an even more powerful feature.

Gammal. :slight_smile:

[Quick search enhancements / Total Commander)

Consider trying out the new View Filter in the Filter Field (search the release notes, manual, and/or help for those terms). It lets you quickly filter a list of files, using wild cards.

Ok, seen! Works very nicely. It would be nice if i could remove certain single items out of the history, though.

Because normally i use this field with some predefined filters like *(exe|bat|com) & i´d like to clean up some random searches every now & then. If it isn´t possible yet, i´d suggest it should be like in Firefox, where you can remove single items with shift-remove.

I already filed an issue about the View Filter History during testing. Currently, it cannot be cleared at all.