Idea: Paste and Go!

I just surfed the web heavily..
then went back to DO..
i was about to paste a path into the pathbar..
and wth! i realized, there is no "paste and go".. o)

"Paste and Go" in browser search- and address-fields is a nice simple enhancement to save on unnecessary mouse/keystrokes, it seems useful in DO as well ?!.. o)

Have a nice day.. o)

There is, just right click the path field.

If you want a hotkey for it, use:

Go "{clip}"


I didn't notice the "paste and go" menu entry until you mentioned it.
I guess i somehow expected it to be right below "paste", but fwiw..

That's great, i'm glad it's there and i'm going to use it a lot from now on!.. o))

Thank you, helping blind man!.. o)


I've always wanted the two paste commands next to each other. To me, it doesn't make much organizational sense to put "delete" and "select all" in-between the two paste commands.